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Transmission Repair and Replacement JacksonvilleRPM Automotive is a qualified service provider for transmission services including but not limited to:

✓ Transmission repair
✓ Transmission fluids
✓ Transmission replacement
✓ Transmission maintenance

Transmission Tips: When do I know my transmission fluid needs to be changed?

Fluids should be periodically replaced to improve the longevity of your transmission. Noticeable signs that it is time for servicing may be leaking fluid, check engine lights, delays in acceleration or a burning smell from your vehicle. If any of these indicators occur it is recommended you schedule an appointment immediately to prevent any further complications.

Automatic Transmission Oil Change

Automatic Transmission fluid or ATF is used in automatic transmissions. This is often red or green, which distinguishes it from other car fluids.
Some of the current automatic transmission fluids we offer include the following:

• ATF+4 (Transmission Oil works for most Dodge, Chrysler and Jeeps)
• Dexron VI (Transmission Oil works for most GM products)
• Mercon V (Transmission Oil works for most Lincoln, Ford and Mercury cars.

Manual Transmission Oil Change

Manual transmission oil is the type of oil that is used in cars that observe manual transmission or “stick shifts”. These automobiles are lubricated with engine transmission oils that need to be changed more frequently than automatic transmission oil.

Schedule an appointment or come by any of our Jacksonville locations, so our team may inspect your transmission and provide recommendations oh how to keep your card safe on the road.