Give Your Car a Check Up

Car Maintenance and Auto Repair JacksonvilleRPM Automotive is a qualified service provider for tune ups and scheduled maintenance on all years, makes and models. Tune up and maintenance services may include, but are not limited to:

✓ Timing
✓ Battery testing
✓ Brake inspection
✓ Serpentine belts
✓ Radiator checks
✓ Fluid checks/replacement
✓ Oil changes
✓ Antifreeze
✓ Oil/fuel filters

Maintenance Tips: Why should I come in for scheduled maintenance?

By having your vehicle regularly serviced you are staying ahead of issues that could potentially be costly. When you bring your car into the shop, our team of ASE certified technicians will check all areas of the car to ensure it is working in peak condition. If any problems are present, our team will assess the situation and determine the best solution to keep you vehicle safe and road-ready. The longer an issue is ignored the more damage it could be doing to your vehicle. So, stay ahead of the problem by adding scheduled car maintenance to your calendars.

Schedule an appointment or come by any of our Jacksonville locations for your next tune up or scheduled maintenance check.