Vehicles must come to a complete stop

RPM Automotive is a qualified brake service provider. Our knowledgeable team of ASE certified technicians work to keep your vehicle safe with reliable brake replacement, inspections and drum turning. RPM offers the latest parts from the highest quality manufacturer AC Delco.

Brake Tips: How do I know my brakes need to be checked?

Brakes should be inspected around every 12,000 miles or once a year, but if you are concerned there are a few indicators which could mean it is time to get them checked out.

✓ High pitched sound when vehicle stops
✓ Braking responds slowly spongy
✓ Grinding noise occurs when braking
✓ Brake pedal requires extra pressure or must touch floor
✓ Brake system dashboard light indicator

Brake Fluid Change

Brake fluids should be changed frequently in order to ensure your brakes are working correctly. RPM Automotive has a wide range of brake fluid brands for various vehicle makes and models.

Remember: Changing brake fluids is potentially risky for the individual servicing the brake – Brake fluid is highly flammable/toxic and should be changed by a professional.

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Reading Your Vehicles Notes

RPM Automotive is a qualified service provider for computer diagnostics. Our RPM ASE certified technicians are extensively trained to analyze diagnostics on modern vehicles which have complete automotive computer systems.

Computer System Tips: What does my cars computer system monitor?

In modern vehicles, a computer system is in place to monitor engine emissions. The system receives information so it can adjust in order to keep emissions as low as possible. Information is compiled from areas of your car such as oxygen sensors, air pressure sensors and engine temperature sensors. If any of these sensors are not working properly your check engine light will turn on to notify you that your vehicle needs servicing.

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